Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S2 to PC via USB Cable

Samsung Galaxy S2 needs to be connected with the PC for transferring multimedia contents. You can connect it with a PC or Laptop using a USB data cable.

You need to have Samsung KIES installed in your PC or Laptop. Samsung Galaxy S mobile drivers are needed for successful connection with the windows environment.

You  need to enable USB Debugging on your phone. To do it go inside Settings menu. them go to Applications and from there to the USB debugging option.

Now connect the Galaxy S2 with a data cable with the PC.

Now pull down the status bar of the mobile to press "connect USB storage".

It should be connected now.

There are more ways to connect Samsung Galaxy S2 with PC.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Three Best iPad Styluses

Why does a an iPad needs a stylus?  Well the answer is not very tough you know: it is because you may want to cover your hands during very cold weather but still want to use the iPad; or you may want to draw something on your iPad. Steve Jobs disliked the idea of using a stylus on his touchscreens very much, but the fact remains still the same that some people likes to use an intermediary accessory. Here are five very good stylus described briefly.


The Hard Candy StylusPen comes with a chrome shell which looks like a star ship. Removing the metal cap on one end reveals a capacitive rubber nib and the other a pen for paper note-taking and drawing. This stylus is very usable. The weight of the thing is perfect.This metal candy is priced @ 35 usd.

 The oStylus is made of metal—aluminum, titanium, and steel. It interacts with the iPad  touchscreen using a small washer-like O-ring lined with vinyl film.  The price of this stylus is a bit high at 38 USD.

Targus 2-in-1 stylus for iPad has a ball point pen tip which is very good for both writing and chalking out a quick picture. It is nicely balanced. The price of this pen is $25.

 If you do not want to spend money on a stylus, you can make one for free. To make your own iPad stylus follow this article on iPad stylus making.