Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some fabulous 10 iPhone and iPod Touch tips & tricks

Here are some fabulous tricks which will help you to be more productive with your iPhone and iPod Touch....

Try these now....

Zoom to move the cursor: While typing out an email, hold down your finger and a magnifying glass will appear that will allow you to move the cursor to anywhere you like easily,even to a move it a single character easily. To place it, simply release your finger.


Find out URLs in Safari: When you encounter a link in a Web page in Safari, merely hold your finger on the link to see a pop-up screen that tells you what the link is and if you want to open it, open it in a new browser window or copy it to the clipboard.


Scroll to the top of the Web page: When you’re in the Safari browser, if you’ve scrolled to the bottom of a Web page, it can be a pain getting back to the top. The quickest way is to tap the top bar that shows the time and your battery icon and it will zip you back to the top in a jiffy.

safari top bar

Sharing images from your Photos app: After using some of these other features for saving images to your photo app, you can then send the photos as an e-mail, save it to MobileMe, assign it to a contact or set it as your wallpaper.


Take a screenshot: Press the home button and then tap the “Sleep” button just once, the screen will flash white and the image of your screenshot is saved to your images folder. You can then email it to yourself, save to MobileMe and so on. Nice thing ah!

Different domain extensions: While in Safari it can be very handy to click the .com button at the bottom, but if you hold it down it will give you the choices of .edu, .net and .org.

domain extension


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nokia 5800 vs Nokia N97: Touch the Battle.

Here are some features in which we can compare between this two extremely popular touch mobiles from Mobile handset giant Nokia (c.f.

- Interestingly, a year ago everyone was expecting the new waves of touchscreen smartphones to all be in the 400-500 euro range of above, and in that sense the N97's 600 euro unlocked launch price makes sense. However, the 5800's unlocked launch price of 300 euros completely changed people's expectations, especially as it included pretty much all major smartphone features such as GPS, variable focus camera, 3.5G, Wi-Fi, TV Out etc. Partly because the 5800 is an absolute bargain for its price, the N97 now seems far too expensive.

Storage Memory - The N97 has acres and acres of mass storage memory, with 32 gigabytes built in and a memory card slot which can officially accommodate another 16 gigabytes on top of that to give a whopping 48 gigs of total storage memory (or even more if you use a higher capacity card, though the official limit is 16gb). By comparison the 5800 only has a memory card slot so it will always be 32gb behind the N97.

Camera - The 5800's camera was criticised for having a rather small aperture which meant it produced darker images indoors. The N97's camera produces brighter, higher quality images, and the pixel count is higher too (5 megapixels instead of 3.2 megapixels).

Stability - The 5800 feels more stable than the N97. While neither phone is perfect in this regard, the 5800 generally performs more reliably. This may change as the N97 gets future firmware updates of course, and the 5800 has already had almost half a dozen firmware versions, so a fairer comparison should be possible later in the year. However, it reinforces the point that it's better to wait several months before buying a device so that the worst firmware instabilities can be ironed out.

Size - The 5800 is more or less the same size as a normal monoblock feature phone, and feels very light and easy to use in one hand. Mainly because of its QWERTY keyboard, the N97 is a bit bigger and heavier and this may put some people off.

Interface Polish - One shock when this writer first received an N97 was the almost total lack of animated transitions. The technically-similar 5800 has had full transition effects for half a year now, so it's rather bizarre to find them absent from the N97. This is particularly strange as the 5800 is marketed as a low-price mass market touchscreen device while the N97 is being sold as a high end superphone. A slicker interface with proper transitions may appear in future firmware updates, but for the moment the N97 looks strangely static.

Web Browser Interface - One annoying aspect of the 5800's default web browser is the need to manually switch between full screen and partial screen modes if you want to access the options menu or toolbar. The N97 solves this problem by defaulting to full screen mode but bringing up the options and toolbar links when required. It still feels a bit clunky to use, but it's a step in the right direction and makes web browsing easier.

Interface Features - While the 5800's interface looks slicker than the N97's, beneath the surface the N97's interface has some subtle but useful functional improvements over the 5800. The most prominent is of course the much-improved standby screen which you can customise to your liking. Other useful updates include the "sweep finger to answer" button used by the N97 if the screen is locked, to prevent accidental call-answering if the phone is in your pocket.

FM Transmitter - You can send your N97's audio output to any nearby FM radio, which makes it very easy to connect to car stereos etc.

Photo Album - The N97's photo application is somewhat better-organised than the 5800's Gallery, though the practical difference isn't actually that large.

Now judge yourself which is your dream gadget.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Hi free download facebook USA special edition for mobile phones.It is compatible with any mobile that supports java including Android, Symbian,WebOS,blackberry or Windows mobile smartphones.
Download it from below:-


The new iPhone 5 is about to come in July 2011 !!!

The rumor is true that iPhone 5 built for 4G is COMING!!!

Verizon Wireless is currently testing a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 and 5 and they are making network changes to bring the iphone to their network. The new iPhone 5 is going to be loaded with awesome new features like video chat on 3g and 4g (ya no longer restricted to WiFi only), face recognition and extreme downloading.

A few features of iPhone 5:
Thinner! With shiny glass back piece - 9.3 mm thick.

  • Face recognition

  • Custom SMS tones

  • Face Time (Video Chat) access on 3G AND 4G

  • A new, sleeker body design.

  • Custom E-mail alerts with ability to assign different tones to each email address

  • OLED screen.

  • Scratch proof and shatter proof screen

  • Wireless sync with iTunes

  • 32G (basic) and 64G of memory. You're sure to never run out.

  • Extended battery life = 14 hours talk time on 3G and 7 hours on 4G. Standby 600 hours.

  • Hi Definition audio.

  • Messaging indicator light.

  • True GPS built in.


Here is a simple guideline to make your little shiny beautiful Netbook into a dream machine.

First we shall have to have a Netbook: an ordinary one, suppose having Intel Atom, 160 GB HDD, 1 GB DDR2 and 10' display.
Next what to do?
Choose an OS; I'll recommend Windows XP over 7 and Linux.XP is the most suitable OS for an odinary Netbook , it is fast and stable.
Then follow the steps to convert your Netbook to Jetbook.

Formatting :- Format your Hard Disk and create three partitions in it for better performance.Divide it into C:/,D:/ and E:/.
For a 160 GB HDD divide it as follows
C:/- 10 GB
D:/- 10 GB

Use C:/ for the OS system partition only, i.e. install XP in it and after that do nothing in it.
D:/ for installing applications.Do not install softwares in C: it will slow down your system.
E:/ for your storage.You can store everything in it.

While installing a software change the destination folder from C:/Program files to D:/Programe files.

Looks: Everyone wants an eye-candy appearance to his machine like that of Apple Macs but this needs a heavy processing power and ram in which a netbook falls short.So I'll recommend to not go for eye-candy looks.Yet if you want them then try the themes of TuneUp software which are beautiful but less resource hungry.Use a less quality image as desktop background for more system efficiency.
Don't populate your Desktop with lots of shortcuts.Do the trick: create a folder naming "shortcuts" in e:/ drive.Create a shortcut for it in your desktop,you can change the deafult folder Icon with a better looking one.Then cut and past all your shotcuts into this folder.If you need them just click the "shortcuts" shortcut on your desktop to access all shortcuts.

Applications:- This is the most important point, selection of your applications,Is not it?
As your Atom processor have not posses much muscle power it can not run heavy applications like Photoshop.These will make it as slow as a snail.But I think a netbook user does not need so powerful softwares.So here are the recommended softwares list.

Productivity:- Say no to MS Office and install Openoffice.It is free too.Install only Words,Spreadsheet and Presention from it.I think these are enough for an ordinary office goer or businessman.
Use Foxit Reader instead of Adobe Reader for pdf.

Security:- Use free Avira Antivir antivirus, it is light weight and fast.

System:- Use C-Cleaner for checking registry errors.

Use Winrar as the zip software.

Use TuneUp to check and correct your system for errors time to time but it is not free.It also have beautiful themes.Highly recommended.

Multimedia:- VLC Media player can play everything besides being lightweight.

Use Gimp image editor which is very good.All these are free.

Internet:- Use Google Chrome, the fastest but very little resource hungry browser

You can use Meebo for IM.

Operation:- Follow the advices to prevent your netbook slowing down with time.

1)Regularly check for viruses.Regularly update your antivirus.

2)Clean the registry once in a month using ccleaner.

3)Check your system for problems and corrections with TuneUp.

4)Don't install anything in c:/ drive.

5)Don't install unnecessary softwares.

6)Perform Disk defragmentation regularly.

7)Don't allow unnecessary programs to run at start-up.

Best of luck for your JETBOOK...BYE.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

From your T-Mobile device, type
#BAL# (#225#), and then press
Send. You can view your current
balance and the date we received
your last payment.




SMS : BAL to 121






Mobile phones: A remote control for you life

In near future :-- Your mobile is now much more than just a communication device - more like a remote control for your life. You still call it a "mobile" from habit, but it is an organiser, entertainment device, payment device and security centre, all developed and manufactured by engineers.
On a typical day it will start work even before you wake. Because it knows your travel schedule it can check for problems on the roads or with the trains and adjust the time it wakes you up accordingly, giving you the best route into work. It can control your home, re-programming the central heating if you need to get up earlier and providing remote alerts if the home security system is triggered. It is your payment system - just by placing the phone near a sensor on a barrier, like the Oyster card readers in use on London transport, you can pay for tickets for journeys or buy items in shops. With an understanding of location, the mobile can also provide directions, or even alert the user to friends or family in the vicinity.

It is your entertainment centre when away from home. As well as holding all your music files, as some phones today are able to do, it will work with your home entertainment system while you sleep to find programmes that will interest you and download them as a podcast to watch on the train or in other spare moments. It will intelligently work out what to do with incoming phone calls and messages. Because it knows your diary it will also know, for example, to direct voice calls to voicemail when you are in a meeting, perhaps providing a discrete text summary of the caller and the nature of their call.

With its understanding of almost all aspects of your life, many new services become possible. For example, a "Good Food" meal planning service could send daily suggestions for your evening meal based on learned preferences, previous selections made and the likely contents of your refrigerator. The latter might work by uploading the bill from the weekly grocery shop and then removing those items it deduces have been used for meals earlier in the week.
Leaving home without your mobile, bad enough already, will become rather like leaving home without your wallet, keys, music player and mobile all at once - quite unthinkable. And in the nicest, most helpful ways, your mobile will guide you through life.

Sony Ericsson LiveView is your phone's nano-like display

Sony Ericsson announced the new LiveView gadget. It’s about the size of a watch face and it comes with a wrist strap. Are you tired of taking your phone out of your pocket just so that you can check up on your Twitter stream or skip to the next music track?Then it is what you need badly.
Basically, the Sony Ericsson LiveView is a Bluetooth external cell phone screen that pushes most of the functionality from your phone onto its 1.3-inch OLED display. You can read RSS, check Facebook, and do whatever else without ever taking your phone out of your pocket. If you’re not the wrist watch type, it can also be clipped onto your clothing like the new iPod nano (cool isn't it?).

For controls, it has a touch-sensitive bezel and physical buttons on the corners. The LiveView should be compatible with smartphones running Android 2.0+, so long as the app you’re using is designed for this interface. You’ll need the Sony Ericsson LiveWare Manager app from Android Market too. Look for it in Q4.

iPhone 5 look at the Future.

As you can see, it’s a bit more rounded than the iPhone 4 and also a bit more curved at the back, if we’re not mistaking. 32GB of memory is the choice for the device, although we’re probably going to see 64 gigs next year, if Steve Jobs is kind enough. Other than that, there’s a camera at the back and one at the front, no megapixels mentioned sadly.

FaceTime will continue to evolve, most likely, iOS will possibly reach version 5 and everyone will be happy… What do you want on the iPhone 5 (aside from a working antenna)?

CREDIT CARD-SIZED - EFO Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Smartphone

Features :

- Easy To Use
- With Full Function Keys (F1 to F12), Tab and Cltr+Alt+Del keys
- Multi-Media Key (Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Mute, Volume Up, Volume Down)
- Tailor-made for handheld device, backlit buttons
- Bluetooth, for iPad, iPhone & Smartphone (Successfully tested on iPad and iPhone 4 that it can directly connect to them. For iPhone 3 and Smartphone, additional software is required)
- Mini and Portable
Product Description
- Wireless remote control of your handheld devices including your iPad, iPhone and Smartphone
- Bluetooth wireless
- Enhances handheld device control with Remote Control, just like your TV Remote Control
- Adds a professional lecturing and teaching tool to presentations
- Convenient size
- Plug and play
- Backlit keyboard for comfortable operation in a dark room

The thing is beautiful and its price would be 40$.But you can not expect PC like comfort from a keyboard so small.

arsitekartikelblog directorykitchen cabinets design

arsitekartikelblog directorykitchen cabinets design

Saturday, October 2, 2010

WebP : the new JPEG Killer from Google.

Google wants to revolutionize images on the Web with a new format called WebP. This new format can cut image file sizes by 40 percent compared to today's dominant JPEG file format.So it will be helpful to faster file transfers and lower network burden if Google can convince people to adopt WebP.

WebP, like JPEG, is a "lossy" format, meaning it doesn't perfectly reproduce an original image but tries to keep as true to the original as possible when viewed by the human eye.

Though its competitor is built into every camera, Web browser, image-editing program, pharmacy photo-printing kiosk, and mainstream operating system in existence,Google is is so ambitious as to replace JPEG.

"When we took a bunch of images, recompressed them from their current lossy formats into WebP, we saw on average about 40 percent decrease in size, which is staggering," said Richard Rabbat, lead product manager on Google's "make the Web faster" effort. Shrinking images by that much is particularly important considering that, by Google's estimate, "65 percent of bytes on the Web are from images," he said.

JPEG is a tough guy to kill. Microsoft has been trying for years to promote an alternative, now standardized as the royalty-free JPEG XR format, which offers greater dynamic range, a wider range of colors, and more efficient compression. But JPEG XR so far hasn't made much progress beyond standardization and native support in Internet Explorer and Windows. An earlier effort, JPEG 2000, also hasn't much dented JPEG's popularity.

Though it takes lesser place it takes longer times too. Encoding WebP images takes about eight times longer than JPEG, Rabbat said, and decoding them somewhat less than twice as long. He also observed, though, that "a lot of technologies for lossy compression were invented in the 1970s when processors were slow and memory was expensive."

And hardware eventually could work in WebP's favor.

One convenient feature of WebP is that any hardware that supports WebM video encoding or decoding also supports WebP. That means a mobile phone with hardware support, for example, could take WebP photos.

High Speed Net Surfing on a slow connection saving huge data

Here you will learn how to surf high-speed net surfing on a slow connection using Opera.Even if you can save your costly data if you are not in an unlimited plan by using this method.

Follow the steps:-
1) Download Opera in your PC.You know its free.
2) Go to
3) Put the site you want to go on 's search bar.
4) Go to the site from the search results.
5) You will have the mobile version of this site in your PC!!
6) It will be high speed and cost saving because the mobile version is a stripped of version.
7) Don't worry you will get most of the features of the PC version.
8)Increase the zoom to 120.


Theory of Intelligence.. win a Nobel prize.

Do you wanna be a Nobel Prize winner? Wanna be a famous scientist like Newton or Einstein? Then boy you have still some things to discover.It is getting tougher and tougher for a street common guy to discover anything new.Easy things have been discovered long times ago before you.Now you can not discover anything by a falling apple or during your sad!

Don't worry boy there is still a thing to be discovered and can be done without million dollars equipments which will make you immortal.Man try to make a formula of Intelligence.Try to make a code of intelligence in paper.That is, give a mathematical formula of anger or love or hate.

This will change the world no doubt because your discovery will lead us to a truly intelligent computer.Best of Luck!

How to speed up slow Windows 7 computer?

Nowadays, a great many people have a Windows 7 computer. You may meet some troubles while you have used this Windows 7 system for a period of time. The problem is that your Windows 7 computer runs more and more slowly. Many people ask the questions about the slow computer problems. I have already provided some useful tips for you to speed up your PC.

How to speed up slow Windows 7 computer?

1. Eliminate virus, trojan and spyware. If your computer is deathly slow and gets 100% CPU usage often, you should run a security scan immediately. Some virus or spyware would disguise one of the system running processes such as rundll32.exe, svchost.exe to attack your system. Windows XP slow performance can be rescued by eliminating infection files.

2. Remove unneeded programs on the computer startup. Are you sure you want to run all the programs on the startup every time when you power your computer on? If not, I strongly recommend you remove those unwanted programs which absolutely will slow down the PC performance. You do not need to abide the slow startup speed after you terminate startup programs. You will find your Windows XP slow performance has been speeded up at least 30%.

3. Defragment the fragments on your hard disk.

While you add or remove some files or programs, some of them become fragmented all over the hard drives. As a result, your PC runs so slow. Disk Defragmenter can speed up your slow computer by physically putting fragmented data files back together in your hard disk. To access Defrag, click Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Defragmenter

4. Erase invalid Windows registry entries.

Most of Windows 7 computer slowdown and other problems are related to Windows registry. For instance, while you add or remove a program on your hard disk, the Windows registry will be changed and these processes will leave over the WIndows corrupted or invalid registry entries. When these registry entries are overloaded, this will definitely cause your PC to slow down. In order to speed up your PC, you have to clean up these empty registry entries. It is not recommended you to manually repair the Windows registry due to the Windows registry is so complicated. The best way is to download and install the free registry tool or registry cleaner which can effectively detect and repair the registry errors with ease.

#courtesy to jery bool (


Windows 7 Crash is a common problem that users face. This is one of the major problems that the users face when they are in the middle of something. Once you stumble upon computer crashes, you should fix the errors fast or it can lead to the complete shut down of your system.

Viruses, corruption in the registry, junk files, low memory and irrelevant programs can all lead to Windows 7 Crash. Once the computer crashes, the first thing you have to do is to identify the cause. Once you are aware of the causes that lead to the crash, it is so easy to redeem the problem.

Always make sure that you have very healthy anti-virus tool in your computer. These anti-virus software can block and also delete the viruses that could harm some of the files. If a healthy anti-virus tool is already installed in the PC, the crashes problem would be not related Virus.

Another reason for Windows 7 Crashes is the running of unnecessary programs. Identify the programs, some may be hidden, and uninstall them. If lots of applications are running in the computer, it could eat up a large part of the memory. However, this problem would rarely cause computer crash and it is not a big deal to the computer which has enough RAM. More RAM can help the applications run very smoothly and prevent the computer from frequent crashes.

Windows 7 Crashes also because of faulty drivers. The drivers that are not in tune with your system can make the computer slow down and crash. When using drivers, make sure that you have the latest ones that fit the system requirements.

The above problems are not import reasons to get computer crashed. Even though one of them cause the crash, it is very easy to fix it manually. The most important reason is the Windows 7 registry. It is the registry where most of the relevant data are stored. If any file in the registry gets corrupted, then the computer can crash. Once you clean the entire corrupt registry, then you can see that your computer performs in a good condition. You can clean the registry on your own or approach a technician to do the job for you. It is very hard for the user to fix registry manually, and very expensive to appeal to a technician. So the best option is to do the cleaning using registry cleaning software.

courtesy to Ruimin Huang
Strategies to Maximize the Life of Your Mac Hard Drive

by Alex Bezborodov

Maximize the life of your Mac hard drive

Although Macs are often deemed the most user-friendly computers,
many Mac users do not know much about computer maintenance. This
is because Mac OS cleverly hides all the cumbersome applications
it runs to keep the system secure and healthy. Unfortunately,
while this maintains Apple's signature look and feel, it also
takes away the user's ability to easily monitor and maintain the
health of their computer. Below, I recommend several procedures
that can be performed by most Mac users without much difficulty,
which will help safeguard your computer from data loss.

Be SMART, Monitor your hard drives

SMART stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting
Technology and allows you to run diagnostics on your hard drive
to determine if a failure is imminent. In order to run the tool,
launch Disk Utility (Applications: Utilities) and click on the
top level indicator for your drive in the left-hand column. In
the bottom of the window, you should see something like "SMART
Status: Verified". If you do not see "SMART status" at all, your
Mac does not support the technology. If you see "SMART status"
but do not see "Verified", your drive may be at risk of imminent
failure. In this case, your best bet is to back up your data and
replace the drive. This simple, but often overlooked procedure
may save you from losing your data. One other thing worth noting
is that although there is a myriad of 3rd party applications
that can run these diagnostics automatically, be advised that
using such utilities in the event of a hardware failure can
cause extensive damage to the drive.

Clean up files

This is pretty self-explanatory and is applicable to all
computer users - take some time to organize your files on a
regular basis. Clean up any downloads or files from your desktop
and place the files into appropriate folders. This will not only
save time, but will also protect you from losing files due to
bad sectors.

UNIX Maintenance Scripts

Mac OS uses automatic maintenance routines called maintenance
scripts to clean up system log files and other temporary files.
The three scripts are designed to run daily, weekly and monthly.
The problem is that these scripts are set by default to run late
at night when most Macs are either off or sleeping. If the
computer is off or in sleep mode during this time, the scripts
will not run and the log files will grow in size, clogging up
the startup disk and slowing down performance. The good news is
there are a number of 3rd party programs that exist that allow
the user to set different times at which to run the scripts,
including MacJanitor (v.1.3 or later for Tiger) and Anacron
among others.

I will be reviewing these titles and many others in the weeks to
come so stay tuned. In the meantime, visit our website to learn more about
Mac maintenance, data recovery tips, and other useful stuff.


Friday, October 1, 2010

My Facebook killer.

Facebook is now the undisputable king of the social networks.Who can kill the king?
Here is a assassine for facebook who is yet to come though.
He will be called or something like that.The USP of this site will be simplicity.It will be dam simple and very user friendly to use.
One will have to open an account with a mobile number..not with an email.The user will be tagged to a geographical area.You will be grouped and subgrouped in this way automatically.
As a result it will be a tough time for fakies.It will be easier for you to find out original peoples from a specific locality.
Chatting will be a intregal part of the SNS.There will be many chatrooms- both official and private.By default you will start at an official chat room example NEW YORK.You can see other active members.NEW YORK will be in the sub-cat EAST AMERICA which will be in cat AMERICA.
You can see official rooms list in each cat and sub-cat as well as most popular private rooms.
A room will not only a place for chatting but also is a group where you can post your massage, can start a topic and play a game.

Points system:- There will be points in our SNS. That is, you will start a profile with 20 points and with time will get more and more points.How long you chats,how much you posts,how popular your profile is,how many friends you have,how much you play games everything will be the factor behind gaining points.
Now the question is what will you do with those points?
Points will be the virtual money in Gogroups. Every common game play will be priced with 1 point. There will be costly game plays with more points too.You can buy glittering beautiful birthday or goodnight messages.You can buy virtual gifts for your friends too.To create a room you need 5 points for 20 sitters,10 for 50; 5 points for each game in your room.You can win points from games and can transfer points to other profiles.A popular group owner will earn points from his group.

SMS and voice calling,video chatting:- You can send SMS to any mobile number from anywhere.Each SMS will cost 0.2 points.You can call like Skype to another user @ 1points/10 min for voice and 3pt/10min for video.

Interface:- The interface of it will be simple and elegant.It will be so simple that anyone can learn it within minutes.

Do you like it? Please let us know.