Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some fabulous 10 iPhone and iPod Touch tips & tricks

Here are some fabulous tricks which will help you to be more productive with your iPhone and iPod Touch....

Try these now....

Zoom to move the cursor: While typing out an email, hold down your finger and a magnifying glass will appear that will allow you to move the cursor to anywhere you like easily,even to a move it a single character easily. To place it, simply release your finger.


Find out URLs in Safari: When you encounter a link in a Web page in Safari, merely hold your finger on the link to see a pop-up screen that tells you what the link is and if you want to open it, open it in a new browser window or copy it to the clipboard.


Scroll to the top of the Web page: When you’re in the Safari browser, if you’ve scrolled to the bottom of a Web page, it can be a pain getting back to the top. The quickest way is to tap the top bar that shows the time and your battery icon and it will zip you back to the top in a jiffy.

safari top bar

Sharing images from your Photos app: After using some of these other features for saving images to your photo app, you can then send the photos as an e-mail, save it to MobileMe, assign it to a contact or set it as your wallpaper.


Take a screenshot: Press the home button and then tap the “Sleep” button just once, the screen will flash white and the image of your screenshot is saved to your images folder. You can then email it to yourself, save to MobileMe and so on. Nice thing ah!

Different domain extensions: While in Safari it can be very handy to click the .com button at the bottom, but if you hold it down it will give you the choices of .edu, .net and .org.

domain extension


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