Monday, October 4, 2010


Here is a simple guideline to make your little shiny beautiful Netbook into a dream machine.

First we shall have to have a Netbook: an ordinary one, suppose having Intel Atom, 160 GB HDD, 1 GB DDR2 and 10' display.
Next what to do?
Choose an OS; I'll recommend Windows XP over 7 and Linux.XP is the most suitable OS for an odinary Netbook , it is fast and stable.
Then follow the steps to convert your Netbook to Jetbook.

Formatting :- Format your Hard Disk and create three partitions in it for better performance.Divide it into C:/,D:/ and E:/.
For a 160 GB HDD divide it as follows
C:/- 10 GB
D:/- 10 GB

Use C:/ for the OS system partition only, i.e. install XP in it and after that do nothing in it.
D:/ for installing applications.Do not install softwares in C: it will slow down your system.
E:/ for your storage.You can store everything in it.

While installing a software change the destination folder from C:/Program files to D:/Programe files.

Looks: Everyone wants an eye-candy appearance to his machine like that of Apple Macs but this needs a heavy processing power and ram in which a netbook falls short.So I'll recommend to not go for eye-candy looks.Yet if you want them then try the themes of TuneUp software which are beautiful but less resource hungry.Use a less quality image as desktop background for more system efficiency.
Don't populate your Desktop with lots of shortcuts.Do the trick: create a folder naming "shortcuts" in e:/ drive.Create a shortcut for it in your desktop,you can change the deafult folder Icon with a better looking one.Then cut and past all your shotcuts into this folder.If you need them just click the "shortcuts" shortcut on your desktop to access all shortcuts.

Applications:- This is the most important point, selection of your applications,Is not it?
As your Atom processor have not posses much muscle power it can not run heavy applications like Photoshop.These will make it as slow as a snail.But I think a netbook user does not need so powerful softwares.So here are the recommended softwares list.

Productivity:- Say no to MS Office and install Openoffice.It is free too.Install only Words,Spreadsheet and Presention from it.I think these are enough for an ordinary office goer or businessman.
Use Foxit Reader instead of Adobe Reader for pdf.

Security:- Use free Avira Antivir antivirus, it is light weight and fast.

System:- Use C-Cleaner for checking registry errors.

Use Winrar as the zip software.

Use TuneUp to check and correct your system for errors time to time but it is not free.It also have beautiful themes.Highly recommended.

Multimedia:- VLC Media player can play everything besides being lightweight.

Use Gimp image editor which is very good.All these are free.

Internet:- Use Google Chrome, the fastest but very little resource hungry browser

You can use Meebo for IM.

Operation:- Follow the advices to prevent your netbook slowing down with time.

1)Regularly check for viruses.Regularly update your antivirus.

2)Clean the registry once in a month using ccleaner.

3)Check your system for problems and corrections with TuneUp.

4)Don't install anything in c:/ drive.

5)Don't install unnecessary softwares.

6)Perform Disk defragmentation regularly.

7)Don't allow unnecessary programs to run at start-up.

Best of luck for your JETBOOK...BYE.

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