Friday, October 1, 2010

My Facebook killer.

Facebook is now the undisputable king of the social networks.Who can kill the king?
Here is a assassine for facebook who is yet to come though.
He will be called or something like that.The USP of this site will be simplicity.It will be dam simple and very user friendly to use.
One will have to open an account with a mobile number..not with an email.The user will be tagged to a geographical area.You will be grouped and subgrouped in this way automatically.
As a result it will be a tough time for fakies.It will be easier for you to find out original peoples from a specific locality.
Chatting will be a intregal part of the SNS.There will be many chatrooms- both official and private.By default you will start at an official chat room example NEW YORK.You can see other active members.NEW YORK will be in the sub-cat EAST AMERICA which will be in cat AMERICA.
You can see official rooms list in each cat and sub-cat as well as most popular private rooms.
A room will not only a place for chatting but also is a group where you can post your massage, can start a topic and play a game.

Points system:- There will be points in our SNS. That is, you will start a profile with 20 points and with time will get more and more points.How long you chats,how much you posts,how popular your profile is,how many friends you have,how much you play games everything will be the factor behind gaining points.
Now the question is what will you do with those points?
Points will be the virtual money in Gogroups. Every common game play will be priced with 1 point. There will be costly game plays with more points too.You can buy glittering beautiful birthday or goodnight messages.You can buy virtual gifts for your friends too.To create a room you need 5 points for 20 sitters,10 for 50; 5 points for each game in your room.You can win points from games and can transfer points to other profiles.A popular group owner will earn points from his group.

SMS and voice calling,video chatting:- You can send SMS to any mobile number from anywhere.Each SMS will cost 0.2 points.You can call like Skype to another user @ 1points/10 min for voice and 3pt/10min for video.

Interface:- The interface of it will be simple and elegant.It will be so simple that anyone can learn it within minutes.

Do you like it? Please let us know.

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